These pages offer a guide for solicitors who are looking to buy a new product or solution for their organisation. In the sections below we have provided example questions that may help you when considering options and negotiating with a vendor, covering everything from technical specification and data protection to contracts and costs. It is not a definitive list and as your firm will have its own unique requirements, you will need to adapt the questions to suit your own circumstances.

You can download the full PDF guide here.  

General considerations
Value/return on investment Implementation process
Quality References
Ability to meet relevant standards Risk mitigation
Five year total cost ownership Staff time for the project options
Provider's understanding of your sector/business Cyber security and operationa l resilience

Technical specification

Consider how the new system/product is compatible with your existing systems

Training support and maintenance

Getting adequate training and ongoing support

Accreditations, insurances and data protection

Taking the steps to protect you as a customer

Due diligence and warranty position

Carry out the necessary checks

Costs and contract

Get a clear picture of the set up and ongoing costs

Ethics and sustainability

Considerations in the purchasing process


Useful words and phrases to know when procuring IT

Professional obligations

Considering if your procurement will have an impact on your professional obligations