At its very simplest, we bring relevant people together to consider the challenges facing the legal profession and we try to identify potential technological solutions. By bringing people together with different experiences and expertise and working collaboratively, we hope to spark some creative and innovative thinking. Having distilled the long list of potential solutions into a shortlist, we will take the best of those ideas forward for development and ultimately to market.

LawscotTech aims

  1. Facilitate a thriving legal technology environment by bringing together solicitors and their employees with technologists
  2. Through technological advances, improve efficiencies and create competitive advantages for solicitors and clients
  3. Showcase a globally respected hub for legal technology innovation in Scotland
  4. Collaborate with partners in other business sectors throughout Scotland and globally
  5. Engage the Scottish business community’s interest in the legal sector
  6. Stimulate engagement and investment from outwith the legal sector.


Any approach is only as good as the problems it wishes to focus on in order to gain traction. We will begin by asking the community to explore three principal areas:

  • Legal Tech – technology that supports legal advice
  • Reg Tech – IT to support regulatory compliance
  • Deal tech – IT that streamlines deal-making.

If those are the areas that we are concentrating on, then in each instance the output must have

  • A well-defined focus on solutions that will drive consumer/client impact
  • Aligned practice and technical expertise than can be leveraged reciprocally (and exported)
  • Consumer/client buy-in and participation
  • A truly collaborative arrangement.

Build a community

Our community will draw on expertise from across the legal sector

  • Solicitors
  • Paralegals and others employed in the legal eco-system
  • Scottish and UK prosperity-focussed government agencies
  • Technologists
  • Strategic partners and stakeholders
  • Commerce, finance and industry
  • Law Society of Scotland


  • Purpose
  • Inclusion
  • Creativity
  • Transparency
  • Diversity
  • Clarity