"A most enjoyable virtual conference - the next best thing to being there!"

Geoff Fogg, SOLAR - In-house Annual Conference 2021
"This is one of the most important things I have ever done since qualifying as a solicitor. Knowledge and understanding of trauma is key to solicitors in almost all areas of practice being able to represent clients effectively. This was a fascinating course with superb speakers and trainers that was extremely thought provoking. I have taken a huge amount away from it and I hope that what I have learned will make me better at my job. I would recommend this course to any practising solicitor."

Gemma Waddell, AC White Solicitors - Trauma-Informed Lawyer Certification Course, August 2022


"Excellent trainers who explain the requirements in-depth giving assistance where required without giving too much help."

Kirsteen Reekie, Mackenzie & Cormack - Trainee CPD: Module 3 Feedback


"I thoroughly enjoyed and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the online course. Ian is an excellent combination of a practitioner very knowledgeable in the theory of risk management who also embraces the commercial pragmatism that we Solicitors should, and are expected to, demonstrate daily. I found the real value was that the course encouraged us to develop a very dynamic, justifiable, and ever-applicable, risk management mindset rather than simply focusing on dissecting the current regulatory framework. The course encouraged an understanding of the history, future, and current cultural understanding of risk in society and organisations."

Susannah Pencovich, In House Counsel at Scottish Enterprise - Risk Management and Governance Certification Course, 
"This is a fantastic course, the best TCPD I have attended. Really engaging and interesting from start to finish. Highly recommend."

Trainee CPD: Module 4 Feedback


"It was an excellent organisation, presentation and the speakers share their vast experience, which made the conference very practical. Bravo!"

Ignacio Chanza-Jordan (Spanish + Scottish Law Practice) - Wills, Trusts and Executries Conference 2021 


"An interesting day which got me to look at ethics and the practice rules from different perspectives than I had been used to before."

Nathan Cornish, Hughes Shaughnessy McFarlane - Trainee CPD - Module 2 Feedback


"I genuinely thought this was a brilliant, useful, value for money course. I've found it difficult to get decent in-house tailored courses before - but this hit the nail on the head. Great content, great speakers, great interactive elements. I think this course is particularly a must for anyone at the junior stage of their in-house career. There is something really comforting and affirming in discussing the challenges and issues about being in-house (especially when you work in a tiny in-house team) - hearing about them makes you feel less isolated. This course was a really good use of my time and certainly gives me food for thought on how I think about my future development."

Faisal Baig, A.G. Barr P.L.C. - In-house Best Practice Course May 2021
"The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and was able to use examples and cases he had been involved in to illustrate his points. Very useful seminar full of practical hints and tips."

Essential Financial Skills Course, May 2022


"This webinar was very interesting, informative, and helpful. Thank you."

John Bain, Morgans Solicitors, Dunfermline -  Children (Scotland) Act 2020 Workshop
"Another quality conference from the Law Society with relevant and insightful presentations on all matters relevant in family law post- pandemic."

Family Law Conference: Financial Provision, March 2022
"I attended the course as a non-lawyer but someone with responsibility for data protection. The course was well structured, very thorough and clearly presented. I left the course with a far greater understanding of the Data Protection legislation and its implications in practice."

Chris Nicol, Capital City Partnership - Data Protection Certification Course, April 2022


"The conference sessions on Brexit and international law were up to date, pertinent and engaging, with excellent expert speakers."

Jackie McRae, Scottish Parliament - Law Society of Scotland Annual Conference 2021
"This was a very useful update on a wide range of topics. it was smoothly delivered and a very good price. The speakers were engaging, interesting and knowledgeable."

Employment Law Conference, February 2022


"Very useful session, speakers offered timely updates on the latest cases and developments in legislation. Brilliant to get insight onto the more complex areas of the law as it evolves."

Angus Niven, General Counsel BoxMedia - Media Law in the Digital Age: Online Forum


"Very enjoyable day. Short introductions to most areas of partnership management. Gave food for thought and plenty advice on where further information could be obtained."

Jacqueline Dow, Kippen Campbell, Perth - New Partner Practice Management Course, September 2022
"The course was really well structured and jammed full of relevant content. At the end of the course I feel I am now more confident in my role as MLRO. I also have a better knowledge of where to look for any information I need. Fraser brought this heavy and sometimes dry subject to life in a way that was easily understood and I can thoroughly recommend this course."

Martha Clark, McSherry Halliday - Anti-Money Laundering Certification Course, July 2022
"Probably one of the most insightful and moving CPD's I have attended in my legal career."

Introduction to Sentencing Young People, January 2022