Complete a course of study to gain official certification from the Law Society of Scotland.

What is certification?

While our existing accreditation programme is based on demonstrating expertise over a five-year period, our new certifications are awarded based on successful completion of training and coursework. These certification courses will appeal to those who are building up expertise in a particular field and are looking to take the next step. By completing the course, you will gain a more comprehensive set of skills and knowledge in a specific area which will be recognised by your peers and the wider legal sector.

What's involved in a certification course?

We’re applying a blended learning approach of online independent learning modules and classroom training delivered by experts, followed by submission of coursework. Certification courses also count towards your mandatory CPD for the legal year. They are made up of 16+ hours of verifiable CPD training, with some offering optional hours of online study materials.

The courses are designed with our members in mind but are also open to non-members.

If you would like to suggest certifications we could offer in future, please email

Available Certification Courses

Anti-Money Laundering Certification Course

Deepen your understanding of this tricky field and become one of the first certified by the Law Society of Scotland in AML.

Data Protection Certification Course

Develop a strong understanding of data protection legislation and compliance whilst earning recognition from the Law Society of Scotland and TQUK.

Legal Technology Certification Course

By becoming a Tech-Informed Lawyer you will be equipped with the key skills and knowledge to better navigate technology in a rapidly changing business world.

Risk Management and Governance Certification Course

This course is designed to help you effectively manage risk in a proportionate and pragmatic way, whilst encouraging you to accept that uncertainty is normal.

Trauma Informed Lawyer Certification Course

Trauma-awareness and trauma-informed practice are increasingly at the heart of a fair justice system. Our newest Certification Course will allow you to practice in a way that supports recovery and does no further harm.