We offer a number of courses designed to help further your career. Members interested in joining the judiciary can learn about the process and how to stand out from the crowd in our Applying for Judicial and Public Appointments course. We additionally run a number of essential skills courses to help you upskill and further your career prospects. Places on these courses are limited, but we will continue to add new dates throughout the year. Please sign up for our CPD newsletter if you’d like to be notified of the new course dates.

Business Development for Lawyers

These webinars will look at how to make your marketing and BD budget go further, how to target new clients, and how to get a competitive edge and promote your practice in a changing environment.

The Fundamentals of Finance

This introductory finance course is designed for those who are new to finance and would like to learn more about the basics.

Developing Resilience as a Lawyer

This seminar will provide you with a unique insight into how you can understand and improve your resilience, and the range of benefits it can bring to both your personal and professional life.

Plain English for Effective Communication

This online workshop addresses some of the challenges facing the legal sector when writing and responding to letters, reports, and e-mails.

Project Management for Law Firms

This course is designed to introduce you to the key principles of project planning and management and how these can be applied within the legal context.

The Leadership Programme for Lawyers

Refine your legal leadership skills with our new programme – creating confident, impactful leaders for the modern legal landscape.

Applying for Judicial Appointments

This online training has been designed to support new applicants through the competency-based selection process used when making judicial appointments.

Emotional Intelligence for Enhanced Performance

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the term used to describe the practice of effective management of one's emotions both personally and interpersonally.

Essential Financial Skills Course

This training course will give you the knowledge and skills required to operate with confidence when undertaking finance tasks.

Legal Tech for all Lawyers Foundation Course

Broken down into 15-minute micro-lessons, our Legal Tech for all Lawyers Foundation Course brings fast-track learning for busy lawyers on legal tech basics and must-knows.

Winning Business Online for Lawyers Course

Online 15-minute micro-lessons to help busy lawyers win new clients online.