As part of our main CPD programme, we have run sessions on topics which may be of interest to criminal defence lawyers including:

We are pleased to make this content available for free to our members, and will be updating this page regularly as new seminars and materials become available.

Parole Board Seminar - 3 hours verifiable CPD

Originally offered in March 2022, this seminar is for practitioners who represent prisoners in the Board’s proceedings, those who have an interest in doing so, those who have an interest in becoming Board members, and those who want to know more about how the Parole system works. It covers the legal basis for the Board’s approach including its status as a court, how cases are considered in practice, the Board’s expectations of legal representatives and anticipated future developments.

Introduction to Sentencing Young People Guideline Seminar - 1 hour verifiable CPD

The sentencing young people guideline was approved by the High Court of Justiciary on 09 November 2021 and came into effect on 26 January 2022. Recognising the greater capacity for change, the guideline puts rehabilitation at the heart of sentencing young people. Watch our Introduction to Sentencing Young People Guideline Seminar (originally offered 20 January 2022) for authoritative guidance from our expert speakers.

Trauma awareness within criminal justice - 2 hours verifiable CPD

We are pleased to share with our members the content of the ‘Trauma awareness within criminal justice’ session that was recorded during Day 4 of our Annual Conference 2021.

The below recording includes an interview capturing an incredibly powerful and moving personal story, followed by a panel discussion centred around the importance of adopting a trauma informed approach in the justice system.