Shaping Your Success

One of the UK's most prolific public speakers and peace activists, and Scotland's most experienced criminal defence lawyers are just two of the incredible guests we have for you this month. 

Episode 12 | Building Bridges with Empathy

After her father was killed by the IRA in a the Brighton Hotel bombing on October 12 1984, Jo Berry committed her life to peace, opting to forgive her father's killer rather than hang on to anger and hatred. Now, she's a public speaker and the founder of Building Bridges for Peace, a charity dedicated to educating the public in peaceful resolutions in situations of conflict.

Episode 13 | Why lawyers need to be fearless

As one of the country's most experienced criminal defence lawyers, Donald Findlay has more than his fair share of stories, anecdotes and advice to impart to others in the profession. This twenty minute discussion will provide plenty of food for thought on why you should never explain, complain or apologise...

Episode 14 | Making Law Better

As the Director of Innovation Design at Vanderbilt Law School, Cat Moon has dedicated her career to provoking change within the legal industry. Join us in this episode as Cat discusses the small changes you can adopt to #makelawbetter.

Episode 15 | Unlocking Limitless Potential

As the award-winning founder and CEO of Professional Training UK, Nadine Stanton has helped thousands of lawyers maximise their potential in the competitive legal marketplace. Join us in this episode as Nadine explains her role as 'Chief Energy Officer' in a thriving business, how we can all create limitless potential through self-development, and how she gained peace with operating outside her comfort zone.


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