Shaping Your Success

Welcome to Month Seven of our Shaping your Success Channel. This month we are joined by a whole host of guests from the legal profession and beyond! Tune in and shape your success with us!

Episode 22 | Working for a Fairer Scotland

Dr. Jim McCormick is Chief Executive at the Robertson Trust, and one of the leading experts on poverty in Scotland. Dedicating much of his professional career to not only identifying the main causes of poverty but trying to find a solution, he sat down with us to speak about the harsh reality of poverty in Scotland and the steps the Robertson Trust are taking to support those in need. Detailing the toolkit we should all be adopting to deal with people in a trauma-informed way, this discussion with Johanna Boyd, Chief Executive of Planning Aid Scotland is not to be missed.


Episode 23 | "Feel the Fear...And Do It Anyway"

Growing up in London to Jamaican parents, Pauline Campbell dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but was repeatedly told by teachers that she wasn't 'A-level material'. Now she works as a Senior Solicitor at the London Borough of Waltham Forest, as well as a Supervising Lawyer on the Windrush Justice Clinic, providing free legal advice for victims of the Windrush scandal. In this episode she sits down with Sean Tahney of the Law Society of Scotland to discuss her story and how she overcame the barriers to success in the legal industry, provides her take on racism in 2022 and offers advice for those looking to start the conversation around inclusivity.


Episode 24 | "Turning the Ship Around" with Intent-Based Leadership (Part One)

Peter Russian is the CEO of Intent-Based Leadership International, a company founded by former US Navy Captain, David Marquet. Moulded by the techniques David developed on the nuclear submarine USS Santa Fe the company aims to create effective leaders on every level. During this first part of our conversation with Peter, he joins Jim McKay from the Law Society of Scotland to offer his advice on creating a workplace where team members feel valued and vilified, discusses the prevalence of ego in decision making and andwers the question, 'Can leadership be taught?' 

Episode 25| "Turning the Ship Around" with Intent-Based Leadership (Part Two)

In the second part of our conversation with Peter Russian, CEO of Intent-Based Leadership International, Jim and he explore the role of a leader in developing the people around them, Peter offers advice on how to use your team's intellectual capacity to its maximum potential and gives us his take on the question, 'Does the perfect leader exist?'


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