Shaping Your Success

Welcome to Month Six of our Shaping your Success Channel. This month we are delighted to be joined once again by some of our most popular guests, Minecraft console developer, Chris van der Kuyl, and Chief Product Officer for Rocket Lawyer, Mark Edwards, as they discuss some of the most exciting developments in the legal tech world.

Episode 20 | What Lawyers Can Learn from Business Start-Ups

In Part Two of our conversation with serial tech entrepreneur Chris Van der Kuyl, we discuss the skills he sees as being key to success in business and as an entrepreneur; how he thinks law firms should approach constructing relationships with start up companies to help all parties to succeed, and his best advice. Chris is in conversation with Ally Thomson of Hey Legal. You can listen to Part One here

Episode 21 | Tech Q&A: Crypto, Blockchain and Legal Tech Hype Explored with Mark Edwards

In this episode Mark Edwards, Chief Product Officer of legal tech company Rocket Lawyer, is in discussion with Ally Thomson of Hey Legal where they cover a practical example for lawyers to use Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and smart contracts for a transaction.

Also, do law firm partners make wise decisions for their business around tech adoption and could more non-lawyer owners drive the business forward faster? Plus what legal tech tools are more hype than a reality currently? This is Part Two of this discussion and you can access Part One here

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