Shaping Your Success

Welcome to month two of our Shaping your Success channel. This month we hear from Chris Van Der Kuyl, co-founder and chairman of 4J Studios responsible for the development of the global phenomenon Minecraft Console Editions. In this mix, we also speak to Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO of LawCare, Dan Kayne founder and creator of the O-Shaped Lawyer, and Dr. Deborah Benson, Founder of the Directors Convention. 

Episode 5 | Dr. Deborah Benson

Dr. Deborah Benson is an accomplished and widely experienced business executive with over 20 years experience as both an executive and non-executive director across multiple fields. In her early career, Deborah was also the first and youngest female director to be appointed at the construction company, the Miller Group and more recently founded the Directors Convention, a peer-to-peer leadership development company led by business experts and international trainers. Sitting down with Rachel Steer from the Law Society of Scotland, Deborah spoke about how she developed her leadership approach, provided tips for those looking to inspire change within their organisation, and gave advice on effectively overseeing dispersed teams during the the pandemic and its aftermath.

Episode 6 | Elizabeth Rimmer

In this episode of Shaping Your Success, Rachel Steer of the Law Society of Scotland is joined by LawCare CEO, Elizabeth Rimmer. The charity which focusses on mental health and wellbeing offers free, confidential, emotional support to anyone working in the legal sector. During their conversation, Elizabeth spoke about the importance of 'switching off' mentally, provided advice on how we can all be mindful of mental health when managing ourselves and others and suggested ways of preparing new lawyers for the challenges and pressures they're likely to encounter in their career. 


Episode 7 |Dan Kayne

Join Emma Flood from Hey Legal as she leads a conversation with Dan Kayne, founder of the O Shaped lawyer. The organisation bring together leaders from across the legal industry with the core purpose of making the profession better for those who are in it, those who are entering it and for those who use it. Having worked as General Council for Network Rail and with extensive experience in both private practice and in-house roles, Dan offers his advice for those wishing to drive positive change within their own organisation, discusses the ideology behind the creation of the O Shaped Lawyer and tells you how you can be more 'O'.

Episode 8 | Chris van der Kuyl

Chris van der Kuyl is the owner and founder of 4J Studios, the Dundee based video game developer best known for the console editions of Minecraft, the best-selling video game of all time. As one of the UK's most establish entrepreneurs and the founding chairman of Entrepreneurial Scotland, Chris took the time to sit down with Ally Thomson of Hey Legal to talk about how lawyers can and should be 'entrepreneurial enablers', why if you are not adding value, you are probably too expensive and how incorporating elements of chaos and risk is necessary in business.

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