The LawScot Trainee CPD programme is open to Scottish qualified legal trainees anywhere in the world and is able to be completed entirely online.

Lawscot Trainee CPD course is made up of four modules covering the following PEAT 2 Outcomes:

  • Professionalism (module 1)
  • Professional ethics and standards (module 2)
  • Professional communication (module 3)
  • Business, commercial, financial and practice awareness (module 4)

As a trainee on this programme, you will have all 40 authorised CPD hours covered with the training days on each of the modules above. Trainees will also have complimentary access (up to a total of 20 hours) to our extensive webinar library, allowing you to make up the remaining 20 hours of unauthorised TCPD to combine with the 40 hours of authorised TCPD that the programme provides.

There are several available training day dates per module and you will have the opportunity to select your preference shortly after registering (this can always be amended later on, if needs be). We will reintroduce optional classroom based sessions when public health guidelines allow.

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Module training days

Each module has a corresponding training day, and there several options for each throughout the year - only one training day per module needs to be attended. The training days will be delivered online via Zoom. The options for 2023 are as follows (note that * denotes that the training day is currently full. We will be adding more dates for 2024 shortly.):

Module 1 training day 7 February 2023* 4 May 2023* 10 August 2023 9 November 2023 8 February 2024 2 May 2024 (in person) 8 August 2024 7 November 2024
Module 2 training day 24 January 2023* 26 April 2023* 27 July 2023* 19 October 2023 25 January 2024 25 April 2024 25 July 2024 (in person) 24 October 2024
Module 3 training day 24 February 2023* 25 May 2023* 18 September 2023* 1 December 2023* 22 February 2024 23 May 2024 (in person) 22 August 2024 28 November 2024
Module 4 training day 3 March 2023* 8 June 2023* 7 September 2023* 7 December 2023 7 March 2024 6 June 2024 (in person) 5 September 2024 5 December 2024
Why do TCPD with us?
  • Bespoke CPD programme for trainees and their needs
  • Practical, collaborative online learning with no presentations or lectures delivered by specialist trainers
  • Opportunity to network with peers
  • Relevant to any traineeship, whether you're in-house or have joined a big firm or a high street firm
  • Access to the Society's webinar library for up to 20 hours of non-authorised CPD

"The LawScot TCPD programme is extremely helpful and encourages real in-depth participation and through that allows for reflection of ones work. The organisations use of technology is clever and very effective. The use of break out rooms in Zoom really mirrors, as much as possible, the environment of an actual face-face CPD event."

2020 Trainee

"Lawscot offers an excellent CPD programme that offers you the opportunity to really reflect on your training, career and most

importantly what you want to get out of your career. You can really start to understand your motivations in life and work life."

TCPD Module 1 attendee

"The ethics training session was informative and thought-provoking. I feel more able to make decisions and know where to ask for advice after attending the session."

TCPD Module 2 attendee

Additional information

Modules 1-4: £1,255 +VAT

Individual modules: £520 +VAT each

All trainees must complete a minimum of 60 hours CPD training over the two-year period of their training contract. Of these 60 hours, 40 must be specialised trainee CPD (TCPD) taken with an authorised provider, while the remaining 20 hours can be made up from regular CPD.

Find out more about TCPD requirements and read the FAQs

As an authorised TCPD provider, we can provide you with a structured programme that provides 40 accredited TCPD hours over the course of four modules.

For trainees not on our Lawscot TCPD programme, you can gain access to 20 hours of unauthorised TCPD for £209 + VAT. If you would like to take up this offer please contact More details are in the menu on the left hand side under "Unauthorised CPD".

Register today

If you are looking to select a single module or a selection of modules, contact To register for the complete programme, click below and select your preferred training day dates (please note that Module 2: Ethics must be one of the modules selected on the package).

If you have any queries please email