Module 5: O Shaped Lawyer (10 hours)

O Shaped is a movement that has developed to help legal professionals to achieve their potential and bring about positive changes in lawyer/client relationships. An O Shaped lawyer is well-rounded, an expert not only in the law, but also people centered, emotionally intelligent, focused on growth (both personally and professionally), and adaptable to change.

This module will develop your understanding of the mindset, attributes and skills of an O Shaped Legal Professional, and their potential for both your personal development, and interactions with colleagues and clients. This will be achieved through a series of trainer-led sessions and practical activities. These will enable you to reflect on your current mindset, skills and attributes, and evaluate how they can best be developed to achieve your personal and business goals.

The O Shaped mindset which will be explored in this module is shaped by five Os: Open, Original, Opportunity, Ownership, and Optimism. Related to this mindset, are the 12 O Shaped Attributes, which were developed from interviews with in-house leaders in the UK. These attributes are qualities which these leaders look for in solicitors, and include attributes relating to building relationships, creating value, and being adaptable.

This module supports the achievement of several PEAT2 outcomes over the course of the day, including professionalism and professional communication. It counts for 10 hours of authorised TCPD, and is broken down as follows:

• Preparation: familiarisation materials (1 hour)
• Training day (7 hours)
• Independent work: developing a target case study and development plan for application of O Shaped attributes (2 hours)


Prices (excluding VAT)

• Modules 1 - 5 (choose four modules, one of which must be Module 2): £1,255
• Individual modules: £520 each

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