Module 4: Commercial awareness (10 hours)

This module will focus on developing your commercial knowledge and ability to lead and manage. In a series of instructor-led sessions and practical exercises which place you in a management role at a law firm, you will be confronted by dilemmas that will test your judgement and risk awareness.
• Preparation: case study familiarisation (1.5 hours)
• Training day (7 hours)
• Independent work: responding to client letter of complaint and reflective write-up (1.5 hours)

Whether you work in-house or private practice, it is important to be attuned to the commercial realities of your organisation. Accordingly, this module will focus on developing your understanding of the internal and external business contexts of your work. Relevant issues such as time management, risk, and regulatory and fiscal frameworks will also be addressed.


"This was a really enjoyable programme which has been adapted brilliantly for the new normal."

2020 Trainee

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• Modules 1 - 5 (choose four modules, one of which must be Module 2): £1,255
• Individual modules: £520 each

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