Module 1: Personal and professional development (10 hours)

This module will introduce you to the legal profession, encouraging you to develop your judgement, build and maintain professional relationships, reflect upon and evaluate your performance and identify areas for further development.
• Training day (6 hours)
• Independent learning (4 hours)

This module is designed to serve as a broad introduction to working as a solicitor. Excelling as a solicitor doesn’t just require a firm grasp of the law – you will also need to be adept at building productive working relationships, organising your workload and developing your commercial sense and risk awareness. These skills aren’t easily picked up in the lecture theatre or by reading a textbook: most of them will be improved through your day-to-day work. This module will be a valuable companion throughout your first few months in the legal profession. You will be encouraged to reflect on your strengths and areas for development, to set achievable goals and to reflect upon your successes and failures.


"This is the first time I have done an online training day and I thought it worked very well. Clearly a lot of effort and thought has gone into structuring this and I was very impressed."

Samantha Kennedy, Jardine Phillips LLP

Prices (excluding VAT)

• Modules 1 - 5 (choose four modules, one of which must be Module 2): £1,255
• Individual modules: £520 each

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