Module 3: Professional communication (10 hours)

This module will cover communication with clients and other solicitors. In a series of trainer lead sessions and practical role-play exercises, you will be given the opportunity to conduct client-solicitor interviews and participate in negotiations.
• Preparation: case study familiarisation (1.5 hours)
• Training day (7 hours)
• Independent work: write client letter and reflective essay (1.5 hours)

Learning to communicate effectively with clients and solicitors is a key part of your development. This module is intended to to hone your skills in this area, including conducting negotiations with other solicitors and interviewing clients.


"Thoroughly enjoyed the training session and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a TCPD course."

2020 Trainee

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• Modules 1 - 5 (choose four modules, one of which must be Module 2): £1,255
• Individual modules: £520 each

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