The Scottish criminal defence solicitor’s role within police interviews is subject to rapid changes due to developments in EU and national law, including the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 and the Cadder decision.

In order to help the profession meet these new demands, we have made available specialist training materials to enable Scottish solicitors to deliver appropriate and high quality legal assistance to their clients in the police station.

We are making available reading materials and videos to assist with police station interviewing. We will update this page if any new materials emerge from any of those involved in our 2019 SUPRALAT training. We would like to thank JUSTICE for their help and support in collating and sharing these materials, which are free to all members. 

These materials are from our highly interactive course, inspired by the SUPRALAT project (Strengthening suspect's right in pre-trial proceedings through practice-oriented training for lawyers), was delivered by SUPRALAT-trained, practising criminal lawyers. The course involved in-person training, which is currently on hold due to Covid-19, but the material and scenarios can still be used for informative, reflective self-learning.

You can access the materials below. 


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