Specially designed for and with legal teams, Exizent’s straightforward cloud-based platform allows legal professionals to simplify executry and confirmation work, without the need for intensive training or costly local installation. Our software lets you:

Quickly generate legal forms

Automatically complete confirmation and Inheritance Tax forms from your case data, at the click of a button – including the C1 and IHT400 schedules which update your main IHT400 form incorporating calculations.

Estate Accounts

Instantly produce, update and re-produce Estate accounts designed to STEP standards, drawing upon your case data and the post-death income and expenses logged within the case. This significantly reduces time and standardises ways of working aligned to recognised good practice, also ensuring smooth collaboration and sharing of information amongst colleagues.

Save significant amounts of time

Input case information, update it as needed and use that data across the case immediately. With reduced data entry, users save important time on the laborious administration involved in cases. This reduces significant re-work as case forms, documents and accounts update routinely as case data changes. It also improves accuracy and reduces the risk of data being re-keyed incorrectly.

Simplify Estate Discovery

Access the granular information in a deceased individual’s credit file in real time, from bank accounts to mortgages, directly on the platform, within seconds.

Seamlessly collaborate on cases from wherever people are

Easily create and manage all cases in one secure digital location and assign members of the team to work on them, with more clarity and efficiency. Capture all estate information – from people to their assets and liabilities – and allow everyone to see it in easy to navigate cases.

Get dedicated support

The platform has been designed with legal professionals to make it highly usable, but we also provide training and ensure your team have the support they need. Our knowledge base is easy to use but we also get great feedback on our knowledgeable Customer Success team who are there to answer questions and support your usage of the platform.

Law Society of Scotland members receive an exclusive offer of a free 14-day trial of Exizent’s platform, plus no fees on new cases or third-party data searches for the first month following the end of their trial, when signing up for a standard monthly-fees contract.

Focus on what’s important, your clients and let Exizent take care of the rest. Book a zero-obligation demo today to discover our software for yourself.