Back in 1995, a young software developer embarked on a mission to help bring affordable legal software to the profession, working alongside a consortium of UK Law Societies on their High Street Starter Kit Project.

The idea was to develop software that met their stringent documented standards in order to achieve Law Society approval. The project, code named the HSSK attracted a lot of interest and was very high profile.

Off the back of this, that same tech entrepreneur founded LawWare, who went on to become the leading supplier of Practice Software to law firms in Scotland, and now, 28 years later is proud to have been awarded the official Law Society of Scotland approved supplier status.

Founder & CEO, Warren Wander, who is also a Law Society accredited technologist, says:
“Looking back, the journey has been spectacular. I could never have imagined that LawWare would be such a huge success from such humble beginnings, and I am grateful every day for the loyalty and enthusiasm that our clients give us and for the immense support from The Law Society over many years. ”

Nowadays, LawWare’s modern legal software has evolved into a well-respected, mature, comprehensive, and easy to use suite of applications designed specifically to streamline and enhance law firm’s efficiency, and includes modules such as:-

When it comes to choosing a practice management system that has been designed to meet the needs of a Scottish law firm, look no further. LawWare is used by a large proportion of Scottish law firms. It is a feature rich product with real
depth that is steeped in history and supported by an experienced team of dedicated staff who offer a 1st class support service.

To find out more, visit our website, email or call us on 0345 2020 578. And follow us on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook.