Take control of your cyber security risks, with the Mitigo cyber protection solution

The digital world has revolutionised organised crime and every law firm, large or small, is now a target for cyber criminals.

Automated attacks will find the vulnerabilities in your technology, poorly trained people and any inadequate policies or procedures, putting your business at risk.

Which is why cyber protection is no longer the job of IT support: it requires specialist help.

Without adequate protection in place, victims could face theft of information, data, financial and intellectual property, as well as reputational damage, and even potential for regulator action and fines.

Mitigo’s support has been designed for law firms to offer proportionate, affordable, ongoing security, to safeguard your firm against cybercrime. This includes a dedicated expert client helpdesk and sandbox to which suspicious content may be sent.

After assessing your risks, they will take care of the three areas needed to keep your firm safe:

  • technology – includes on-site technology assessments, penetration testing and vulnerability scanning
  • people – includes eLearning, testing and simulated phishing
  • governance – includes policies, personalised staff cyber security handbook and risk management framework.

Mitigo also provide a cyber incident response and investigation service, and can assist with reporting obligations to regulators and clients.

For more information, visit the Mitigo website, email lawscot@mitigogroup.com, or call them on 0131 564 1884.


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