Our Accredited Paralegal status is a voluntary accreditation for paralegals working in Scotland. It provides a defined professional status and a career path for paralegals as well as increasing awareness of the role of the paralegal in Scotland. This is achieved by setting a consistent standard for paralegals to attain.


  • Recognition as paralegal with expertise in your area of law
  • Provide confidence to clients that you meet our standards for an accreditation
  • Access to the confidential professional practice helpline
  • Access to our Lawscot Wellbeing portal
  • Fortnightly updates via our Lawscot news email
  • Membership of the Scottish Paralegal Association, an organisation serving the interests of paralegals
  • A free subscription to the Journal magazine
  • Access to lifestyle benefits

Are you eligible?

Find out if you are eligible to join the Accredited Paralegal status

Joining information

The application form is the same for both accredited paralegals and trainee accredited paralegals

Competencies and standards

The competencies and standards required to become accredited - including the 14 areas of practice

Trainee accredited paralegals

It takes one year of training with a supervising solicitor to become an Accredited Paralegal.

Frequently asked questions

Find out more about our Accredited Paralegal scheme and how it works.