Want to become a Fellow of the Law Society of Scotland?

We recognise that some members who have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the law and business throughout their practising career, are keen to stay involved and give something back to their profession. Whether that’s through mentoring, playing an active role in our committees, attending the annual conference or meeting colleagues in a more social setting, the Fellow membership can provide those opportunities and offer a range of benefits which are outlined below.

Benefits of Fellow membership
  • Name on the Roll of Solicitors
  • Entitled to call yourself a Fellow of the Law Society of Scotland
  • Online newsletters and Journal
  • Invitation to exclusive Fellow-only events
  • Can attend our annual conference (places are limited and on a first-come first-served basis)
  • Access to member benefits
  • Opportunity to join committees / take part in mentoring
  • Entitled to attend and vote at general meetings
  • Entitled to vote for Council members and stand for Council
  • Entitled to use the post-nominals FLSS
  • Networking opportunities / invitation to presidential faculty visits
  • No CPD requirement
  • No SLCC levy

See the Fees page for the current fee.

  1. 25 years or more (cumulative) as a practising solicitor as regulated by the Law Society of Scotland (exceptions will be considered if you have taken a career break within your 25 years of practice – for example due to maternity leave)
  2. Retired from paid employment (solicitor or otherwise). Exceptions will be considered for any applicant who holds a part time remunerated post where there is a nominal remuneration, e.g. an honorarium, charity board or committee convenership fee.
  3. Solicitors will be ineligible to become Fellows if they have any misconduct findings or suspensions against them including the following: 
    1. Any judgement of the Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal
    2. Any finding of Unsatisfactory Professional Conduct
    3. Any findings under Section 40 of the Solicitor (Scotland) Act 1980
    4. Any finding under Section 18 (1) - c, d and e
    5. Any criminal convictions or discipline by another regulator

If you do not meet all the criteria of admission in terms of years practised, or you are unsure, please contact us. We want to be as inclusive as possible and will consider exceptions where there is a strong case. For example, if you have not completed 25 years of practice due to career breaks such as maternity or paternity leave. See terms and conditions.

How to apply

Please contact us by email at fellow@lawscot.org.uk confirming that

  1. you wish to become a Fellow
  2. you meet the criteria outlined above

If you would like further information, please email us at fellow@lawscot.org.uk or call us on  0131 476 8357.