Terms and conditions
  • Subscriptions are levied annually – failure to pay will mean the withdrawal of fellowship status
  • Applicants must confirm that they meet the eligibility criteria
  • On cessation of membership, the individual cannot refer to themselves as a Fellow
  • Exceptions
    • Exceptions will be considered on their own merit and on a case-by-case basis
    • The discretion belongs solely to the Law Society of Scotland and we may request further information from you
  • We reserve the right to withdraw fellowship from any member who acts in such a way as to bring the Law Society or the wider legal profession into disrepute.

If a Fellow holds a non-practising membership (NPM) and/or is retained on the roll, then any complaint will follow the procedure associated with that membership. For Fellows who are not NPMs or retained on the roll, the following procedure will be followed:

  • The manager responsible for the Fellow membership group will review the complaint, carry out the initial review and report to our Senior Leadership Team for their review. The ultimate decision lies with the Secretary and Chief Executive of the Law Society of Scotland.
  • The Senior Leadership Team will review the complaint and make a decision. Options available:
    1. Take no action
    2. Remove Fellow status
    3. Deny renewal
  • The Fellow will have the opportunity to provide a written submission for consideration during the review and will be kept informed of the proceedings