The Practising Certificate fees for 2023/24 were agreed at the Society's  AGM in June 2023.

Solicitor Partner (manager) In-house solicitor Newly admitted up to 3 years PQE
Roll fee £143.75 £143.75 £143.75 £143.75
Practising certificate £731.25 £731.25 £731.25 £365.63
Client Protection Fund Nil Nil Nil * Nil
Accounts fee Nil £473/£629 (inc AML) Nil Nil
Total £875 £1504 (inc AML) £875 £509.38

The practising certificate fee is calculated on a pro rata basis. The roll fee is not.

Individuals being admitted to the roll of solicitors for the first time only pay a half rate for the practising certificate fee for the first three years. This applies to practice years and not calendar years. This timeframe will commence, regardless of whether or not you take out a practising certificate, from the start of the practice year in which you were admitted to the roll.

The Client Protection Fund is the operating name of the Guarantee Fund. Contributions to the fund and accounts fees are not pro rata. Only principals pay the fees. However, some solicitors who are principals outwith Scotland may have to pay them.

*In-house solicitors must confirm their exemption from paying. See the flow diagram for more details.

Solicitors must also pay a levy to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission which the Law Society is required to collect in June each year.

Solicitors in Scottish legal practices also have a fee for professional indemnity cover (the Master Policy) which is levied by Lockton. Full payment is due regardless of month assumed as partner. Generally, managers in private practice including partners of a firm, members of a limited liability partnership and directors of an incorporated practice providing legal services directly to the public, are required to make a payment. The declaration on your renewal form is correct in relation to your current relationship.

Other membership fees 2023-24
Category Fee
Non-practising member £363
Roll only £143.75
Registered Foreign Lawyers £150
Accredited Paralegals £134
Student membership Free
Multi-national practices £400*
Incorporated practices £400*
Notary Public £252*
Fellow £275
* one-off fees