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Login to the members' section of our website to get exclusive careers advice ranging from traineeship application information, to statistics about the job market, how to approach employers and tips on common pitfalls to avoid.


    Know your deadlines and keep on top of events for students

We come and speak to you at your university at all stages of your LLB and Diploma to give you information about your career, the route to qualification and updates from the profession; make sure you know when we're coming! We also send reminders about applying for traineeships, the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice and your entrance certificate.


    Volunteer with us

We've got several outreach initiatives you can apply to get involved with:

  • Street Law: join our award-winning legal education programme as a Street Law trainer and bring the law to life for Scottish school pupils.
  • Careers events for school pupils: Do you remember attending a careers fair or talk at school? This is your chance to represent the legal profession at similar events and spread the word about studying law.
  • Donald Dewar Debate: Join a panel of judges in our annual nationwide schools debating tournament.


    Get connected to the legal profession

Getting to grips with what's happening in the legal profession is essential for aspiring solicitors. In traineeship interviews, you'll frequently be asked questions relating to commercial awareness or challenges that the legal industry is facing. You can impress by knowing more about what's happening between specific firms and their clients, or in-house organisations. 

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