High street solicitors and firms

Of some 8,100 solicitors in private practice in Scotland, over 5,000 work in firms with ten or fewer partners. These two thirds of solicitors in private practice are the backbone of the profession serving individual and business clients across the country. 

The profile of the community of high street solicitors is extremely diverse and can be found across every sector, providing a wide range of services and in every corner of Scotland. With diversity comes complexity, and the needs, challenges and working environments can differ greatly from individual to individual.  However, the rewards of being a solicitor on the 'High Street' in Scotland are many. 

High street solicitors play an important role in providing advice which is closely attuned to the needs of individuals in their community and to the strategies and efficacy of the large number of organisations and businesses to which high street solicitors also provide information and guidance.

These pages will provide you with an overview of our high street membership and some information about the services and support we offer to this important sector of the legal profession. 

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Solicitors and their firms make a critical contribution to their clients' lives and to the quality of legal representation across the nation.  We’re proud to represent and support the large number of Scottish solicitors working in private practice in towns and communities right across Scotland. 

If you work on the High Street, we want to hear from you. There are lots of ways to get in touch:

Contact our engagement team

To find out about our work representing High Street solicitors and their firms, share some ideas or just to connect, please contact our engagement team by email at: Highstreet@lawscot.org.uk

Professional practice

Our Professional Practice team provides support to all our members. Contact the helpline on 0131 226 8896 for expert, confidential advice.

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High Street practitioners and Faculties

Detailed information on the profile of the nationwide community of high street soliciitors and guidance for those working in towns and communities across Scotland.

Sole Practitioners

The gateway to a variety of sources of information, assistance and communication by, from, among and for sole practitioners.

Find a Locum

Information about registering as a locum and guidance on how to find a locum when required.

Redundancy and unemployment support

Guides and resources for employees and employers including redundancy procedures and entitlements, managing your finances and finding a new job.