A Law Society ID card confirms your status as a practising solicitor at courts, police stations, prisons etc. It is perfect for those who need a professional ID but do not require the digital signature that comes with the Smartcard. You can apply for an ID-only card as soon as you have a practising certificate. ID-only cards are free of charge and valid for 10 years.

Request your ID card

In order to start the ID card process you must have a valid practising certificate, either a restricted or full one. If you do not hold either, we cannot process your submission or create a card for you. If you are unsure of your practising certificate status, then please contact the Member Registration Team. After we have checked the form and confirmed that the image you attached is suitable for ID, we produce a card and send it to the business address we have on file for you.

How to apply

Carefully check the name you are entering on the form. You need to ensure it is the name you wish to practice under. If you have changed your name through a deed poll, marriage, or divorce please contact the Member Registration Team with evidence of your name change so they can amend our records.

Make sure we have the correct business address for you. We will send your Lawscot ID card to this address, so it needs to be current. If this is not your business address, please get in touch with the Registrar to have your record amended.

Please indicate on the dropdown menu "ID only", unless of course you would like a digital signature as well.

You also need to upload a portrait photograph.

This photograph will be printed onto your ID card, therefore it needs to be of a certain quality. We will check your uploaded photo when it arrives and if it is not fit for purpose you will have to submit your form and photo again. Also, please note that this should be a photo that you would not be embarrassed to show to colleagues and clients. We cannot print multiple cards if you are unhappy with the image that you sent us. The images will be updated 10 years after you receive your ID card, so if the image is unflattering, you will have to wait for the next round to get a new card.

  • The image must be a jpg/jpeg file and should be 300 x 400 pixels in size and no bigger than 500 KB.
  • The filename must be your 5-digit Law Society ID number –  you received this number when you first registered with us; it is unique to you and is noted on your practising certificate (upper right hand corner).

Please ensure your photograph fulfills the following criteria:

  • It is a true likeness of you, and of your full head.
  • It is in colour against a white/cream/light background.
  • It is clear, in sharp focus, has no red eye or shadow.
  • It must show a close-up of your full head and shoulders and not include any objects or other people, either next to you or in the background.

Your photograph must be an original image. Please do not use images that have been cut from larger photos. When selecting the image please make sure that you:

  • Face forward and look straight into the camera with your eyes open.
  • Look natural.
  • Have nothing covering your eyes, eg hair, hair accessories, hoods, hats etc.
  • Not wear sun or tinted glasses.
  • Not wear a hat or cover your head unless for medical or religious reasons.
  • Do not alter the image in any way by retouching it, applying filters or using similar means.

Photographs originally produced to passport requirements are acceptable.

When you have checked and confirmed the information and attached your photograph, click the submit button. We will send you a confirmation email saying that we received your application.

Once we have received your form and photograph, we will check and process them and print an ID card for you.

It will then be sent to the business address we have for you. Please ensure that your address details are up to date; if you are not sure or need to make changes, get in touch with the Member Registration Team to confirm your records.

You will not be able to use the card for anything electronic; it will work as ID only. The card contains your photograph and your Law Society ID number which can be checked against the current roll of solicitors. The Lawscot ID card identifies you as a Scottish qualified solicitor, licensed and with a valid practising certificate. You can present the card as proof while visiting prisons and courts, meeting prospective clients or introducing yourself to potential employers.

Start your application

Log in to the members area using your normal Law Society member sign in details. Click on the 'Smartcard' option and then 'Smartcard submission'

Additional information

Photographs for ID card submissions must be:

  • Taken within the last month, a true likeness of you and of your full head
  • In colour against a white/cream/light grey background
  • With no other items or objects in the background (doors, window frames, pictures, bookshelves, etc.), including no blurred backgrounds
  • Original portraits – do not use photos that have been cut down from larger pictures
  • Clear, in sharp focus, free from red eye and have no shadow
  • Free of any reflection or glare from glasses
  • Close up of your full head and shoulders
  • Of you on your own with no other objects or people
  • In good condition, not damaged, creased or torn or marked
  • You must:
    • Face forward and look straight into the camera with your eyes open
    • Look natural
    • Have nothing covering your eyes, for example, hair, hair accessories, hoods, hats etc.
    • Not wear sun or tinted glasses
    • Not wear a hat or cover your head unless for medical or religious reasons
    • Not alter the photo in any way

 Photographs produced to passport requirements will be acceptable.

While we do accept selfies, these must adhere to the above guidelines as well. That includes not having been altered by applying filters etc to the picture.

We had to limit the size of the pictures that can be uploaded so as to not overload the system. This might result in the error message that the original is too large, which might create problems for some. However, you can resize your image on a PC.

Don’t open the picture, right-click on the icon instead, and go to Edit.

In the new window, you have the possibility to resize.


When choosing Measurement, pick “pixel,” and please ensure that the so-called Horizontal is no larger than 300. The rest will be sized automatically, then. You can then attached the resized version to the form.