Working with external stakeholders, our aim is to help Scottish law firms avoid becoming the victim of fraud or becoming involved in the facilitation of fraud or money laundering.

Frauds and scams targeted at Scottish law firms include:

  • Vishing and Phishing scams targeting practice units and client accounts
  • Fake firm websites which may be intended to use the identity of a legitimate firm to give credibility to a scam
  • Mortgage fraud which requires the services of solicitors. Solicitors need to be aware of their obligations under the money laundering regulations and Proceeds of Crime Act and should ensure full compliance with the requirements of the accounts rules (see Mortgage Fraud/CML Compliance).


All suspected frauds should be reported on the Action Fraud website.

Action Fraud is the UK's national fraud reporting centre run by the National Fraud Authority with support from partners such as the City of London Police. Email scams can be quickly reported by clicking on the report scams and viruses button  and then sending the suspicious email to the City of London police email address provided on the website.

Where a fraud or scam has actually taken place, it should be reported directly to Police Scotland.

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