All fees and costs in this Schedule 2 shall be adjusted annually in accordance with the movement in the Consumer Prices Index for the year to 30 June, and the adjustment shall take effect from 1 November.

Activity Frequency of Charge Fee
Initial application Per initial application for a licence (a) a payment of £2450; and
(b) where the Council's costs in considering the application exceed the amount specified in (a), the Council will entitled to recover such additional costs at a daily rate of £720;
(c) the full cost of any external services required by the Council in determining the application.
Exemption Certificate Per application for an Exemption Certificate £125
Pass Certificate Per application per person – renewal on a triennial basis £250
Licence restriction or condition modification Per application to modify any restriction or condition on a licence £250
Suspension or revocation of a licence Per application £250
Annual licence fee Annually, with reference to the date of issue of the licence and each anniversary of same Turnover band from £: to £: Fixed Fee £ Additional fee on turnover within band:
99,999 780 n/a
100,000 499,999 780 0.65%
500,000 999,999 3,900 0.39%
1,000,000 4,999,999 6,200 0.20%
5,000,000 9,999,999 15,600 0.20%
10,000,000 14,999,999 27,300 0.13%
15,000,000 19,999,999 34,800 0.10%
20,000,000 > 40,700 0.07%