As set out in our Climate Change Resolution, as well as ensuring our own sustainability objectives are progressed, the Society is also committed to supporting our members to achieve a climate conscious approach to legal practice.

While you navigate what the climate crisis means for you and your role, this resource hub draws together information and support designed to help you make the right decisions for your business or organisation, your clients and yourself. The impact of climate change on legal practice is constantly evolving and we will regularly update and develop our resources to reflect this.


Getting involved

Addressing the global challenges of the climate crisis requires collective action, shared responsibility and ongoing collaboration. Cooperation is key to ensuring we don’t limit the potential for meaningful impact in mitigating the crisis. That’s why we’re keen for Lawscot Sustainability to promote an open dialogue within the legal profession where strategies, data and solutions can be shared in the hope of building towards an effective response.

Our Sustainability Committee, established in 2023 following on from the fantastic work of our COP26 & Climate Change Working Group, is actively seeking to connect with individuals and organisations across the legal community and beyond. The Society will also continue to work with partner organisations across the globe, such as the International Bar Association, on this issue.

If you’re interested in contributing to our work on climate change, whether that’s by connecting with our Sustainability Committee, sharing your own experiences through a blog or Journal article, speaking at one of our events or simply offering a few reflections on what areas we should be focusing on next, please get in touch at

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Find out more about COP-26 and the beginning of our work on climate change

The Society's sustainability methods

Find out more about the Society's internal methods to combat climate change

Strategy 2022-27

Our strategy sets out our priorities for period 2022-27.