Lawscot Wellbeing is a dedicated online resource that provides help and guidance for members and employers. We work in collaboration with LawCare, SeeMe and other mental health charities to:

  • provide information to help people manage emotional wellbeing, and access or signpost support
  • promote good workplace practices, influencing employers to support their staff and create working environments in the law that protect mental health (NEW  - download our Guide to creating a Wellbeing Strategy)
  • guide members who are concerned about their client’s emotional wellbeing
  • challenge stigma and discrimination associated with mental health

In this section, you can explore a range of resources, which we regularly update and develop.

Seeking help

We work with a number of charities with dedicated support services

Maintaining your emotional wellbeing

Learn about sustainable emotional health

Positive employment practices

Learn about positive employment practices

Wellbeing training

Webinars, modules and courses about supporting your own and others' wellbeing

Get involved

Find out how you can engage with campaigns and events, or start your journey to improve workplace culture with See Me

Our research

Our research into the status of mental health stigma and discrimination in the Scottish legal profession

We also provide support and information relating to: