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We have a Lawscot Wellbeing newsletter that we send out several times a year, providing information about campaigns and events that you can get involved in. We also aim to share your workplace stories, to share good practice on how employers can promote a positive culture of mental health support, and inspire others by sharing information about past and upcoming activities.

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Annual wellbeing events programme

There are so many great existing campaigns and events relating to mental health that individuals and workplaces can get involved in.

For employers, identifying some specific campaigns that you want to promote your workplace to get involved in can add structure to planning your work around wellbeing. There are usually there are lots of resources available through the relevant organisations leading the campaigns like marketing materials, resources you can signpost people to, themes to focus on and ideas for events and other ways to participate in awareness raising. So you don't have to start from scratch if you want to get involved.

Plus, we can drop you a reminder email before each campaign with information about how to get involved, and let you know what Lawscot Wellbeing has planned.

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Why are we recommending people engage with campaigns and events?

Our recent research into mental health stigma and discrimination in the legal profession told us that many workplaces are not proactively supportive of getting people to talk about mental health, but there is an appetite for this to happen more.

We asked respondents whether they agreed with the following statements:

  • 'My organisation encourages staff to talk openly about mental health problems': 34% agreed
  • 'This organisation makes clear efforts to increase staff's mental health awareness': 46% agreed

But some respondents would like greater engagement opportunities:

  • 31% of respondents identified that participating in campaigns like Time to Talk Day or Mental Health Awareness Week would help create a supportive working environment
  • 77% of respondents said they would like a better understanding of mental health problems so they would understand how to better support colleagues

Want more ideas?

The Time to Change calendar of mental health-related events and campaigns will give you even more ideas about how you and your workplace can get involved with different initiatives.