We have published new research into the status of mental health stigma and discrimination in the legal profession alongside an action plan on steps we want to take as a result.

In 2019 we entered into a partnership with See Me to survey the Scottish legal profession, which sought to gather attitudes and perceptions of solicitors, trainees, accredited paralegals, paralegals, legal technicians and all support staff working in practice units and in-house legal teams. We chose not to limit the survey to our members as to gain a full picture of the profession.

This research focuses on workplace culture and how effectively our businesses support colleagues with mental health problems. The study explored themes such as attitudes and perceptions of stigma and discrimination in the workplace, access to training, forms of support like reasonable adjustments and assessing how effectively managers support their teams' mental health needs.

In response to the results from the survey we have produced a seven-step action plan, which lays out a framework for how we will work with firms, organisations and partners across the legal profession to address the key issues identified. To monitor progress, we will survey the legal profession again in three years’ time, at which point we can measure any change. Our ultimate aim is to end mental health stigma and discrimination in the legal profession.

Read our news release: New action plan aims to tackle mental health stigma

The seven-steps of the action plan are laid out below, along with key findings from the report.

Downloadable versions

You can download these documents as a PDF file. We encourage everyone to share these documents with colleagues and networks to stimulate discussions about mental health. 

Download the infographic summary of the report and action plan

Download the full report

Download the full action plan

Summary of findings and actions
Further information

If you'd like the discuss any aspect of the report or action plan, please get in touch with us at wellbeing@lawscot.org.uk.

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