Our Careers and Outreach Team provides support to the group we call “new lawyers”, which includes students, trainees, and newly qualified solicitors. Building on the support available via Lawscot Wellbeing, this section is a resource for new lawyers.

New lawyers research

Our careers and outreach team provides support to the group we call ‘new lawyers’ which includes students, trainees and newly-qualified solicitors. Find out about the results of our 2023 Student Survey along with other research related to new lawyers.

Advice and support for students

Advice and support for students in how to make the most of your education

Student experiences and opportunities

Learn about opportunities and experiences available can enhance your skills and support your wellbeing.

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Wellbeing guidance

Connecting you with other wellbeing resources

Student and New Lawyer Blogs

Student associates

Our free scheme for aspiring solicitors to access careers advice, insights from the profession and opportunities to volunteer with us.