The following sessions are were all recorded as part of our week-long series of online events to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2021.

The following sessions are all recorded from our week-long programme of online events to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.

Courses available from Public Health Scotland and NHS Scotland

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Free modules to help you manage your mental health during the pandemic

Lawscot Wellbeing at the Law Society of Scotland's CPD team have made three modules available free of charge for our members, focused on stress management, building resilience and the health and safety factors that need to be considered when lone working.

Becoming more resilient

An online module designed to help you develop your resilience by understanding key concepts such as a growth mindset and the importance of failure.

Lone working

An online module which defines lone working and lays out the basic health and safety principles employers and employees should be aware of.
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