The Diploma in Professional Legal Practice is a mandatory phase of training to become a solicitor. You must have received an LLB from an accredited provider to undertake the Diploma and you must have a valid Diploma to be eligible to work as a trainee solicitor. Evidence of this will be required for you to be granted an entrance certificate by the Law Society of Scotland.

The Diploma is part of the Law Society of Scotland's Professional Education and Training (PEAT) programme:

  • PEAT 1: Diploma in Professional Legal Practice
  • PEAT 2: Traineeship

General considerations before applying for the Diploma

It's essential that you are fully informed about your position before applying for the Diploma. Make sure you have read all of the information available to you in this section about the different providers, application process and funding arrangements.

It's also important to have considered your employability after the Diploma. There is no guarantee that Diploma graduates will obtain traineeships and it is essential that all applicants understand the realities of the current employment market.


PEAT 1 outcomes

PEAT 1 is commonly known to students, universities and the profession as the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice. This vocational stage is the stage of legal education where knowledge, skills, attitudes and values are learned in a simulated environment.

The PEAT 1 Outcomes that a student requires to achieve over the course of the Diploma are listed below, alongside the guidance.

Students undertaking PEAT 1 will have more choice and flexibility in their course and up to 50% of the course can be made up of electives.

Advice and Information on reasonable adjustments for PEAT 1 providers

Please see below for advise and information on reasonable adjustments for PEAT 1 providers:

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Virtual Diploma Fair

Before applying for the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, it's essential for you to be as informed as possible about your options. That's why we run the Virtual Diploma Fair every year.