Applications for the 2023/2024 session opens on 3 March 2023.

The application process is very different to UCAS admission to the degree. Each year we issue a guidance note to help Diploma applicants understand the process and additional factors to consider when deciding to do the Diploma, such as employability statistics, funding arrangements and available places

Read our Diploma Guidance Note for the 2023/24 session

Criteria for admission

The basic criterion for admission at each Diploma provider is grades obtained in those modules designed to meet the Law Society of Scotland’s foundation programme outcomes. These modules map to outcomes that are universally required regardless of which university you study at. However the individual modules that are required can differ in name at each university. You should check with your LLB university law school to confirm what the correct subjects are.  

 This criterion may be moderated (in either direction and at individual Diploma providers’ discretion) by:

  • overall number of fails in those subjects designed to meet the Law Society of Scotland’s foundation programme outcomes;
  • the class and type of Degree obtained;
  • other qualifications (both undergraduate and postgraduate);
  • traineeship offers;
  • whether an applicant received an adjusted / widening access offer (or equivalent) when applying to higher education for the first time; and
  • special circumstances (unless already considered by individual students’ undergraduate institution) affecting the academic performance of individual students such as illness or other personal factors. 

 Diploma providers will take your preference into account when making offers.

How to apply

The allocation of places on Diploma courses is administered by the individual providers, and any specific questions in relation to a particular provider should be addressed to that university. You will have the opportunity to do so at the Virtual Diploma Fair on Wednesday, 1 March. 

If you wish to apply for the Diploma, you need to complete an application (found online for each Diploma provider) and email it to the relevant Diploma provider. This year applicants can apply to up to two Diploma providers. Applicants should complete the one application form and email it to the providers they are applying to. Some providers will also require applicants to complete an online application (information can be found on the application form).

When completing your Diploma application you will be asked to select list the Diploma providers you are applying to by order of preference.

Please note, Diploma providers will take your preference into account when making offers.

Should you receive more than one offer, you must select only one offer to accept and decline the other. Should you accept more than one offer, your acceptances will be deemed invalid and you will be removed from the Diploma application process for this academic session.

Please ensure you complete the form carefully and if there are any special circumstances in relation to your application, ensure you detail this in the appropriate section of the form.

Application process timeline

Application period

3 March: Applications for the Diploma open 

5 May: Applications for the Diploma close 

Round 1 offers 

7 July: Applicants will be notified whether they have been offered a place by one of their chosen Diploma providers.

14 July: Deadline for acceptance of Round 1 offers

Applicants not receiving an offer of a place in Round 1 will need to wait until the round 2 offers to see whether they are offered a place by one of their chosen Diploma providers. 

Round 2 offers

24 July: Deadline for Round 2 offers to be made to successful applicants

28 July: Deadline for acceptance of Round 2 offers

Round 3 offers

4 August: Deadline for Round 3 offers to be made to successful applicants

9 August: Deadline for acceptance of Round 3 offers

Please note that Diploma providers will set individual, bespoke deadlines for any subsequent rounds (eg Round Four onwards). 
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Virtual Diploma Fair

Before applying for the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, it's essential for you to be as informed as possible about your options. That's why we run the Virtual Diploma Fair every year.