Course information for 2023/24

   72 spaces on the full-time Diploma course, inclusive of part-time students

   Full-time and part-time study options available

   Full-time course fees: £8,765, split in half for part time students.


Take a look at the Dundee Diploma in action

The Diploma in Professional Legal Practice is a postgraduate, vocational qualification which if completed, will allow you to pursue a career in the legal profession in Scotland, either as a solicitor or advocate.

The course is primarily delivered by practising solicitors and acts as a bridge between the academic study of law and the requirements of legal practice. We teach you the practical knowledge and skills needed for practice, as well as introducing the values and ethics of the legal profession in Scotland.

We teach using methods such as:

  • coursework
  • tutorials
  • lectures

On successful completion of the course, you will be eligible to take a two year traineeship within Scotland and qualify as a solicitor. If you want to practise as an advocate, you must complete additional training.

All of our teaching is based on achieving the outcomes set by the Law Society of Scotland. These outcomes emphasise the development of practical legal skills within a backdrop of ethical and professional behaviour.

You will consolidate and build on black letter law and the research and analytical skills that you acquired as undergraduates and apply them to practical situations through interactive learning.

Details of compulsory subjects - Semester One comprise (all compulsory)

  • Conveyancing
  • Private Client
  • Professional Practice
  • Civil Court Practice
  • Criminal Court Practice

Semester Two

  • Business & Financial Services 
  •  Family Law
  • Company Commercial
  • Employment Law
  • Advanced Advocacy
  • Advanced Private Client
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Personal Injury

Full time students

Nine months

Part time students

Two years

Further information

Full-time fees: £8,765

Many students take SASS funding and arrange a payment plan for the remainder of fees. 

Fees can be paid all at once or by instalments as agreed with finance office.

£250, Ken Scott Bursary, only open to Dundee graduates. 

Welcome week:  Monday 11 September

Qualifying Scot's Law Degree

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Virtual Diploma Fair

Before applying for the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, it's essential for you to be as informed as possible about your options. That's why we run the Virtual Diploma Fair every year.