It is the responsibility of the trainee to ensure they are aware of all the vital processes that must be carried out before, during and at the end of the traineeship. These include various application forms, reviews and outcomes that must be met, which you can explore in this section.

What do trainees need to do in order to start a traineeship?
   Complete an entrance certificate application form

All trainees must obtain an entrance certificate prior to starting their traineeship. In addition to the application form, trainees must submit a Disclosure Scotland form as well a processing fee.

It is only once the entrance certificate is gained that trainees can and must return a training contract signed by themselves and their employer.

What is required of trainees?

The Trainee Handbook sets out all the requirements for trainees in more detail. Trainees will receive a copy of this with their entrance certificate and training contract. Or, have a look at the Law Society's PEAT 2 Training Plan.

Trainees and supervising solicitors must be aware of what work trainees can and can't carry out.

   Work towards the PEAT 2 outcomes

During the 2 year traineeship, trainees will be given activities that will allow them to work towards the PEAT2 outcomes.

    Update their online record regularly

The PEAT 2 Record will allow trainees to monitor their progress during the traineeship and record achievements along the way. The content will form the basis of the quarterly performance reviews with their supervising solicitor.

  Have a meeting with their supervising solicitor every quarter

The PEAT 2 quarterly performance review (PQPR) allows the trainee and supervising solicitor to review the trainee's progress in achieving the PEAT2 outcomes and will help identify any training needs, which can be addressed by undertaking TCPD.

Trainees will be required to take notes and upload a record of the meeting for their supervising solicitor to approve.

   Undertake a minimum of 60 hours required CPD for trainees

60 hours of required continuing professional development for trainees is required to ensure trainees meet the outcomes and reach the standard of a qualifying solicitor.

Trainee rights of audience
   Applying for admission as a trainee

Between months three-11 or after the first year of your traineeship you can apply to be admitted as a solicitor and take out a restricted practising certificate, with the support of your employer. Otherwise, you can wait until the end of your traineeship and apply for admission and to discharge your traineeship in one process.

How to complete the traineeship
   Discharging a traineeship

You must discharge your traineeship in order to apply for a full (unrestricted) practising certificate and practise as a solicitor. 


Support for traineeship providers

Specific guidance for supervising solicitors about how they should support their trainees.