No one should be prevented from being a solicitor based on their upbringing and we are committed to ensuring the Scottish legal profession is made up of all the communities it serves.

We hope that our work in social mobility will positively influence not only legal employers in the profession to follow our lead, but also those in other jurisdictions and even other professions. The need to enable fair access to employment is a key issue for all industries.

Social mobility underpins a lot of the outreach work we do, to ensure talented individuals can flow through the legal education and career pipeline, ultimately ensuring our profession is accessible to individuals from all backgrounds. 

Pipeline of our social mobility work

Support for school pupils

A key part of our work is to assure fair access to the legal profession, so we do a range of work with Scottish schools. Find out about our Street Law programme, schools debating tournament and careers events.

Lawscot Foundation scholarships

We enable socioeconomically disadvantaged young people to pursue their dream legal career by providing an annual £2500 bursary and mentoring support. This is our pledge to accelerating social mobility and we need you to get behind us.

Contextualised recruitment

We have brought contextualised recruitment software to the Scottish market by working in partnership with Rare. This is a robust way to tackle social mobility, enabling employers to recruit in an objective, socially responsible and affordable way.